Work for Infigo IS

Infigo IS uses the online platform Selekcija to make it easier for each candidate to submit their application. There you can find all the open positions; also, there is always an open job application to which candidates can apply who can’t find any specific position, but think they fit in perfectly with Infigo.

Contact us without hesitation, we always like to hear from capable and smart people.

Why Infigo IS?

Organizations around the world entrust us with their most valuable assets – their data. We are protectors, bodyguards, defenders of modern life. Our work might often be confidential, but we can tell you that by joining our team you'll be working with world-class experts in a great working atmosphere while having competitive compensation and benefits.

Who are we?

Infigo IS is an IT security and data analytics company so on the business side we are security engineers, developers, data scientists, ethical hackers, consultants, who can be a bit fanatic when it comes to information security – you would be too if your job was making a digital world a safer place. On the human side, we are electrical engineers, mathematicians, astrophysicists, economists, criminalists, we are geeks, runners, gamers, free climbers, martial artists, singers, bikers, brewers, chess players...

There is no typical Infigo employee, and our diversity is also our strength. What we all do have in common, apart from a passion for security, is an analytical way of thinking as basically what we do can be described as solving puzzles and problems.

Thanks to having worldwide clients, from various industries, working for us will bring you a global perspective and in touch with cutting-edge technologies. Our expertise is not only recognized by our clients, but also by various leading international associations. Infigo's experts are always willing to share their knowledge, with our CTO being SANS Certified Instructor at SANS Institute, the most trusted global source for cybersecurity training, certification, and research.

What are we passionate about?

  • Whether you are already a renowned information security professional, or just starting your journey, your learning days are never behind you. At Infigo we are always learning, and if there comes a day when our employees can't learn anything new, we have a big problem.

  • At Infigo we don't half-ass anything! We have set, achieved, and continue to maintain high standards for everything we do. Excellence requires dedication, and our clients all around the world, who are always at the forefront of our decisions, have recognized that.

  • Whatever we do, there is always one thing in the center – data. Our clients trust us with their data, their most valuable possessions, and every time we have to prove we are worth it. We display the highest ethical and professional standards not only towards our clients but also to ourselves.

  • We want us to feel good at our workplace so each of us is actively contributing towards that. Whether it's an informal atmosphere, availability of managers, or celebrating our successes, if you ask our people what makes Infigo a great place to work they will tell you it's a great working atmosphere.

What are we looking for from candidates?

We have several teams and, technical expertise we're searching for, depends on the team – we have developers, security engineers, ethical hackers, consultants and some other, and their skillsets doesn't always overlap. That is why the specific technical expertise for a certain position is best found in the details of our job openings.

But talking about personality profile, no matter the position, we are always searching for a high level of analytical approach and passion for learning, excellence, integrity and honesty. We do not mind whether you are extrovert or introvert as long as you contribute positively to a great working atmosphere.

In order to make the right hiring decision, our selection process usually includes testing of expertise as well as psychometric testing in addition to a selection interview.

 Students are welcome, too

We believe that having students as a part of our team can bring new and different perspectives. On the other hand, students working with us have great opportunities to learn from the best experts in the field of IT security and data analytics. Many of our current colleagues started their careers with us as students and stayed after graduation.

What's in it for you?

Apart from competitive compensation, professional education and development, the opportunity to learn from the best experts, working on exciting and global projects and a great working atmosphere, there are some additional benefits and perks we are offering.

We take care of our employees by:

  • providing a great working environment in nicely decorated and well-equipped offices
  • covering work-related costs (full transport allowance and meal allowance)
  • ensuring worry-free business travels for employees as we cover all business travel costs in advance or issue corporate credit cards to frequent travelers and arrange top accommodation
  • financially supporting various occasions with childbirth allowance, Christmas allowance, presents for kids, and holiday allowance
  • ensuring regular yearly medical checks for all employees for them to stay healthy
  • subsidizing the use of gyms all around the city so that they stay fit
  • ensuring free coffee, tea, juice, and water to keep employees hydrated and alert
  • enjoying good food at our rooftop BBQ parties (one of our CEO's talents is cooking big batches of food for the office from time to time)
  • having fun with console game contests
  • celebrating both company and individual successes
  • after-work socializing (drinks are on us)